Welcome To Women’s Online Business Guide.

Start Your Online Business The right way!

My top priority with this blog is to show women everywhere what they need to know to start or build a successful online business.

While I will be focusing on teaching women how to use the internet to build a business, these ideas and strategy’s can be applied by both men and in the offline world.

Why The Internet?

In the good old days, people can build a business based on word of mouth marketing and become successful, and same was true about becoming rich working a nine to five. Well, these days is different, I’d tell you why in a few minute.

So Why Women?

Women Kick butt! When they set their heart to do something they usually go all in.

Okay, that’s one reason.

Like I said before, times have changed, when my Dad was a boy, his dad was the only one that hard to work, and life was good.

These days in a single income family, the income earner need to make a lot more than the average wage for the city they live in to be able to keep up with the Joneses.

The value of the green has deteriorated, more people are competing for the same position now than before.

Most women don’t have a choice. They’ve got to do something if they want to go on that Disney vacation when their first daughter turns five years old.

And what if they don’t want to be a soccer mom? Yeah, that too.

Not every women Love the Mini Van.



Even though most woman may want yo argue about how spacious the minivan is, and how they can take their neighbors two kids home from hockey practice.

Most of us know that the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban also takes seven (7) passengers, Right? But the MSRP for that SUV is $64,440 while the Toyota Sienna for the same year retails for about $31,964.95.

Do you see why most of my friends get the minivan even if they don’t want to be a soccer mom?

This is why they’ve got to do something whether part time or full time to satisfy the partners income.

SO, if you live in the same world as me and understand that this isn’t fluff.

You will also realize that the only thing that is constant is change while everything else changes around it.